Foreign buyers

We will occasionally sell cats for breed/show to foreign catteries.

We only sell to catteries that are registered and that have a well thought trough plan in their cattery.


We do not have more than a maximum of 3 litters per year at present so any interested buyers must be patient.

We will also only sell the very best kittens in a litter but we do not offer any guarantee as to how the kitten will develop with the prospect of shows.

We use only cats with the HCM status of N/N and scan regularily. We also scan kidneys.

All of our fertile cats are tested for Chlamydia, FIV and FelV before used in breeding.

(Any extra tests can of course be done on the kittens if a breeder wants this, but the expense to be paid by the receiving breeder).

All kittens will come with:

*NRR (FIFè) pedigree of 4 generations (online searchable)

*A written sales contract in English


*Fully vaccinated agaist FIV, FeLV and Chlamydia

*Rabies vaccine where needed

*Health check no older than a maximum of 48 hours prior to departure,

documented in English by an officially approved veterinarian.

(Male kittens booked for breeding will have checked that both testicles are in place.)

*Pet Passport

*Come with a kittenpackage containing some of the biscuits and wet food that the kitten is used to eat.

*Support from the breeder for the rest for the kittens life

*Access to a secret page on Facebook only available to those who buy a kitten from our Cattery. On this page the kittens' new family can follow the growth and development of the kitten up until the kitten is ready to move to its new home.

Kittens can only be reserved after the age of 8 weeks old, until then all kittens are under observation.

Kittens will be ready to move to their new home after 16 weeks old.

We reserve the right to hold a kitten back for an additional time if the kitten is not ready to for any reason.

Our aim with this is to assist the mother in finishing her job with rearing up the litter, which only has benefits for the kittens and the new family.

At the time of booking your kitten a deposit is required to be paid in full.

Please note that this deposit is non-refundable if the buyer pulls out of the sale.

Only exeption is if NO*Raggedly Yours for some reason cannot deliver a kitten as per agreed.

The deposit is deducted from the total price.


Pet quality kittens: 1 400 € /reservation fee 400 € (will be desexed before departure)

Female kitten for show/breed: 1 800 € /reservation fee 600

Male kitten for show/breed: 2 000 € /reservation fee 800

  • Please note that the reservation fee is non-refundable should you change your mind at any time. 
  • Any extra costs with regards to additional tests/shipping/travel/delivery will be paid in full by the buyer.

We do ship cats, but only for trips lasting a maximum of 3 hours.

We do prefer the buyer to come and collect the cat in person and travel home with the cat on the same airplane in cabin.

This way we get to meet and chat about of one of our faourite things:

The amazing breed of Ragdolls! :)

If you are interested in buying any of our available cats/kittens, please send us an e-mail at: