NO*Raggedly Yours


Planned litters for spring 2019


All our matings are PG free.

NO*Kjernekrokens Hailey, rag n 04

NO*Raggedly Yours Blue Moon, rag a 04

Possible outcome is seal and blue mitted, colourpoint and bicolour HM.

Levona Beruthiel*PL

rag a 03

NO*Raggedly Yours,

rag a 04

Possible outcome seal and blue (possibly carrying chocolate) in mitted/bicolour HM patterns.

Summer 2019

Seraphina Beruthiel*PL

rag a 03

Varys Maszkotka*PL

rag a 03

Possible outcome blue bicolour HM

NO*Raggedly Yours Riley,

rag n 04

Varys Maszkotkta*PL

rag a 03



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